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Swanson Commissary Services

We’ll organize, manage and execute your commissary program to make you more money

When you select Swanson Services Corporation® as your partner, you select the company that literally wrote the book on commissary management. We’ve learned a lot in twenty nine years, but nothing as important as this:

If our clients are not heroes in the eyes of their constituents and local leaders, we’re not doing our job.

Our goals are to grow your revenue, optimize your profits and efficiency, minimize labor and, overall, to secure your fiduciary integrity. Your financial return is a critical measure of our success.

Here are just a few reasons for contracting with Swanson for commissary services:

  • A regional, full-service operations center - and a backup, just in case
  • Trusted name brands stock the cleanest shelves in the business
  • Easy, technology-based commissary ordering
  • Orders are accurately prepared in a secure environment
  • Commissary order delivery and distribution
  • At Swanson, commissary management and technology work together to optimize your revenue and operational efficiency